May 13, 2020

Project: Aqa 47 Outcast

Aqa an Italian boat builder born in 2014 has been on PowerYacht's radar interest since it launched the 35 model in 2015.  Now Aqa presents a second larger project of the 47 Outcast model, also designed as the smaller 35 model by Francesco Guida, who again follows guide lines for a classic American inspired fast commuter with Mediterranean attitude.  See flash deck and straight but lightly curved shear line for its American inspiration, and the cockpit and bathing platform calling the Mediterranean summer boating attitude to full affect.  So far besides exterior design renderings very little technical details are available for the Aqa 47 Outcast especially regarding interior accommodation layout, engine and propulsion set ups, and performance.  The launch date for the Aqa 47 Outcast is for Summer 2021 with a World presentation for the boat at the Cannes boat show of the same year.

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