May 18, 2020

Out-News = Two Injured in Sportfish Yacht Fire

On Sunday May 17, just after 15:00 hours a sportfish yacht of around seventeen meters in length went ablaze on the Fort Luaderdale Intercoastal Waterway, South of Oakland Park Blvd.  Seven adults, two children, and a dog where rescued from the sportfish yacht, with one adult female and seven year old being treated for minor injuries.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.   
Still in doubt what the sportifsh yacht is, but from the few glimpses I got the boat in the fire looks to be a first generation Viking 55 Convertible produced from 1996 till 2002, and sold in over 150 units.  The success of the 55 Convertible not only made it one of the best ever sold sportfish yachts in its size, but also put Viking as the leader for semi-production sportfish yacht above fifteen meters in size.

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