February 24, 2020

Project: Steeler 18M Electric

Steeler have started the construction of its first full electric motoryacht.  After an extensive design study with Vripack and its suppliers, the go ahead was given by the Norwegian client. The motoryacht will be named “North LatEtude” referring to the future cruising area and the electric propulsion. This eighteen meters sixty feet motor explorer yacht will be built in steel and features three decks, a novelty in this size, generating an amazing volume of living accommodation. The main deck and upperdeck have a well known Steeler signature, as they are single level from bow to stern. The lower deck is reserved for two guestrooms.  The electrical system has been designed by Hydrosta. The propulsion will be provided by a water cooled permanent magnet electrical engine powered by 184kw of Lithium Ion batteries. A 75kw variable speed generator is available for long distance cruises. The efficiency of the propulsion system is far superior to a diesel engine, not only when driving full electric but also when the generator kicks in. DNVGL approval is pending for this system, that represents state-of-the-art in green yachting.

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