December 17, 2019

Project: Aicon 66

Aicon yachts is back, having the brand recently been purchased by two American investors.  Aicon yachts was a success story which characterized the first decade of the second millennium 2001 to 2012, in particular for the 56 and 64 Fly models, and over four hundred boats delivered in a production stint which lasted about ten years, and featured ten models in sizes from 52 up to 85 feet. Aicon return comes from a new 66 designed by Sergio Cutolo, a motor yacht currently in advanced project stages. For Sergio this is not the first collaboration with Aicon having in the past collaborated with the Sicilian yacht builder.  The 66 project is inspired by the 64 which was by many revered as the best Aicon model in the ten year history of the brand.  The hull shape of the Aicon 66 is indeed a direct derivation from the 64 with improvements going in the underwater sections to create a drier ride.  Another feature of the Aicon 66 will also be for flexible interior layout solutions.

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