December 2, 2019

Project: Palm Beach GT60

Hot on heels of the success and raving reviews of the GT50 Palm Beach is set to release one of the fastest and most fuel efficient motor yachts in the world with this GT60 project set to launch at the 2020 Miami boat show.  In 2019, Palm Beach launched the GT series coming from the vision of CEO Mark Richards for a high technology light weight build and highly efficient hull shape and propulsion, aimed at the buyer who appreciates a more contemporary design, accompanied with high speed, and fuel efficiency that provides a lower carbon footprint.  The GT range has quickly established itself as a new family under the Palm Beach brand, with a third model, the GT70 planned in the not too distant future.  The GT60 is set to cruise at a true 40 knots, at half load, and has much more in reserve for top speed. The first hull is still undergoing final testing so top speed is yet to be confirmed, though indications are showing the mid-forties.  The GT60 is constructed with a high-tech vacuum-infused carbon fiber deck and structure that delivers twice the strength of E-glass but at half the weight. A closed-cell foam core constitutes the main structure of the bulkheads, a high-tech method that further reduces weight while enhancing durability of the yacht. Palm Beach uses vinylester modified-epoxy resin for all its infusion, which is another tell-tale of the brand’s commitment to quality and durability in construction.  Thanks to the amazing new GT60, Palm Beach now has a 60 foot power boat with a four hundred nautical mile range at a cruising speed of 40 knots.  The GT50 and GT60 are designed to appeal to a global market, and are built with the painstaking attention to detail, and to the incredibly high quality standards that people have come to expect and trust in the Palm Beach brand.  

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