December 28, 2019

Project: Santamargherita Blade 85

Santamargherita is a returning historical name in the nautical scene, founded by Mario Spertini in 1960 who will also go on in 1975 to form the back base of the much admired and futuristic in its time Alalunga brand.  Santamargherita is back in the scene with three projects from 80 to 88 feet.  This unsual looking Blade 85 at 25 meters sits in the middle of the offer, and presents a hybrid sports look courtesy of designer Aldo Cichero.  Worth to note that Cichero also started his career with Santamargherita in 1971.  The Blade 85 will feature a four cabins lower deck layout, with crew space for two cabins and three berths located at midships in between the engine room and owners full beam midships stateroom.  The Santamargherita Blade 85 is to be powered by twin Man 1800hp engines which will allow for speeds up to 33 knots and and a cruise of 26 knots.

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