November 1, 2019

Sophisticated Marketing

The new Azimut S10 product video, created some negative comments on social media.  The video of one minute 33 seconds long, sees a girl doing naked art dancing and in between we see short shots of the super sport yacht, and then ending with it launching in speed nicely.  This is not the first time that video criticism has arrived, and with Youtube it is very easy to do it.  In the past I do remember a video for a new Princess yacht which looked like a short novel, having a similar negative critique. 
The Youtube platform has expanded the possibilities of boat builders to promote product endlessly for free.  Now in recent years we have entered a stage of sophistication marketing from the popular famous brands who are doing videos which match in quality and style those of high end cars. 
But do boaters really want this?  
The comments following the Azimut S10 and other similar videos is always that the viewers want to see more of the boat and learn about it, then an actual marketing ploy.  Sometimes it seems that marketers do not realize that social media is different to TV, as these launch model videos, do actually look like to be created for the old medium.  
It is to understand, that YouTube and the new modern social media medium is different.  Look at channels as Aquaholic, SuperYachtCaptain, BoatTube, MBY, NonSoloMare on the less sophisticated front, TheBoatShow and BoatTest on the sophistication side of things and others that I have forgot.  What one notices especially in the first group above is that they have basic filming done with a GoPro or two and similar set up.  But they do bring the viewers what they want to see and have a huge success. Viewers of Youtube and similar social media videos want content not a one minute impact video suited for a premium time television advert!  The numbers actually support a basic filming and a natural approach, and some of the above do have views in the thousand just after a day or two. 
To be fair I think Azimut knows about this, and did make walk through videos of its models.  Result the walk through video of the Azimut 60 has 150000 views, while the product only 11000.  Interesting numbers!  But can really a popular famous brand do without a sophisticated new model launch video.  Probably not, but toning it down a little, and showing more of the boat in navigation, something an owner rarely sees, and its features want do any harm.

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