November 3, 2019

Project: Ocea Nautilus 45

French super yacht builder Ocea present the project for the Nautilus 45 designed by Philippe Briand.  To be build in alloy Nautilus 45 is a super yacht that embodies an adventure lifestyle, satisfying a desire to explore landscapes first-hand. The Nautilus 45 offers a six double guest cabins interior, from a full-width master suite on the main deck and five large guest cabins. Efficiency is achieved through the use of Ocea's favorite material, aluminium, which makes it possible to design a lighter, more economical, faster yacht that can go further without refuelling. The size of the tenders also plays a role in going further. With the Nautilus 45, the idea was to design a yacht that can go into areas where there is no port or dock. The large tenders offer a way to explore bays and coastlines where the yacht cannot venture, and this is achieved with space for two eight meter long tenders, stowed on the main deck, offering guests optimal comfort for a wide range of exciting day adventures. In the same spirit, an exclusive boarding system, called easy-boarding, was developed to facilitate access to the tenders. Easy-boarding provides the convenience and safety of a real dock, even near the most inhospitable shores.  No power details are so far given but the Nautilus 45 can reach speeds up to sixteen knots, and cruise at twelve, this giving a range of four thousand nautical miles.

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