November 17, 2019

Web: Apreamare New Web Site

Apreamare builder of the Gozzo traditional Italian fishing boat transformed cruiser and yacht, presents its new virtual World wide web showroom. Apreamare was officially founded in 1983 by Cataldo Aprea. But the Aprea family started building boats back in 1849 when Giovanni Aprea from Sorrento, Naples starts wooden building rowing and sailing boats production for the dedicated fisherman of the area. The Aprea family lineage continues after World War II, and the shipyard starts to experiment by fitting car engines on the small Italian Gozzo fishing boat, and here come the first commissions for boats dedicated for pleasure. Cataldo who is a fifth generation Aprea joined the boat building family in 1973, to which ten years later he leaves the family company, and taking at heart what he learnt from his father founds Apreamare. The first model from Cataldo's Aprea is the 7 Smeraldo launched in 1987 during the Naples boat show. A year later to this Salvatore Pollio a builder from the area joins Cataldo and here starts the Apreamare expansion which takes another high when the 9 Smeraldo the first planning Gozzo is launched. In 2000 Aprea becomes a joint stock company, and a year later to this the company joins the Ferretti Group. In 2010 Pollio and Aprea buy back the family brand which also includes the production facility in Torre Annunziata, Naples which started being built in 2002. In 2015 Apreamare makes group again and enters in the Cose Belle d'Italia franchise.  Today Apreamare offers eleven models; eight in the Apreamare traditional gozzo inspired range, and three from the Maestro series. Current entry level for Apreamare is the 32 Open, while flagship is the 82 Maestro, and the newest model is the 35 still in project stages and set to launc in 2020.  The new Apreamare website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Boat Range, Network, News, Owner's Club, Contacts, Privacy Policy, Dealers Area, and Language Version. Apreamare has also its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram social media pages with link buttons for these on the top left of the page. 
Production History;
Apreamare 12 2000-10 (237)

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