July 19, 2019

Project: Sanlorenzo SL96 Asymetric

Sanlorenzo present the project for the SL96 Asymmetric with exteriors and layout designed by Bernardo Zuccon, and interiors by Laura Sessa. The design consolidates the direction taken in 2018 with the presentation of the SL102 Asymmetric, which the company calls the world’s first asymmetrical yacht, and showcases Sanlorenzo's ability to work with the concept of space, reinterpreting it from alternative perspectives and exploring different ways to exploit it. SL96 Asymmetric is born of this approach, with a side deck on the starboard side, but not the port, because it has been moved up to the roof of the superstructure in order to free up a large surface area for the interiors and offer more space, light, relaxation and flexibility of use.  The concept of asymmetry springs from a meeting of different minds and creative approaches. Car designer Chris Bangle’s brilliant original idea has been developed by Bernardo Zuccon with the shipyard’s engineers and designers.  Possibly in this kind of design of present modern Italian motor yacht the SL102 Asymmetric is the first of its kind, but certainly this concept has been used in the past by other American and Asian build motor yachts.  Still Sanlorenzo gives it a new spin thanks to a lower bulkhead which increases light and views to the dining area.  

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