July 12, 2019

Project: Canados 919 Gladiator RD

Open is back?  Or so many would say since the news of this new Canados 919 Gladiator RD project and order follows the launch of the new Otam 85 GTS.  Let's say the interest is growing, in a size upward of 25 meters, something which they always have suffered with the exception of the Mangusta 80 which sold in loads onward of 1994 till about 2007 when then Overmarine modified it to the hardtop style of the other models.  Canados has in recent years build a name in the super sport yacht today called the Gladiator range, thanks to a fast and very performing 90 Open it launched around ten years ago.  Before that Cantieri Navali di Ostia was been famous mostly for its conservative looking flybridge motor and super yachts upward of fifteen meters.  The 919 Gladiator RD is the continuation of the 90 Open and brings a lot of innovative thinking in its deck design used from fore to aft as never seen in this size, bringing to a certain extent ideas and philosophies more akin to the large centre console currently invading the North American market.  Moving around the Canados 919 Gladiator RD will be safe thanks to the full walk around bulwarks, and the centre console influence brings  fresh design thinking in this size.  The interior of the 919 Gladiator will be offered in a fully custom choice of three or four cabins layout, with a separate galley and two crew cabins for three or four persons.  Performance wise Canados is keen to point out that the 919 Gladiator RD will be the fastest super sport yacht in its size reaching top speeds up to 52 knots, and cruise comfortably at 44 knots with the large powerful option of triple Man 2000hp engines and surface drive propulsion combination.  Still for those wanting to go slower the Canados 919 Galdiator RD is offered in twin engine installations with surface drives or more conservative and slower line shaft propulsion.

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