June 28, 2019

Project: Sanlorenzo SD96

Sanlorenzo present the project for a new SD96 with exteriors designed by Bernardo Zuccon and interiors by Patricia Urquiola.  The SD96 is the new entry level replacing the stopped in production and successful SD92 which launched in 2007 and was the first model in the SD line of semi displacement small ship inspired super yachts by Sanlorenzo.  The SD96 project takes inspiration from transatlantic liners of the 1930s, giving it a unique elegance even compared to the previous SD models.  Bernardo Zuccon describes the project, as a crossroad of tradition and futuristic elements.  This description fits the bill perfectly with the central sweeping shear-line, the upright bow, and central mast for the radar and navigation equipment advocating tradition.  On the other hand we see  modern elements in the SD96 as the enclosed raised pilot house, and the sweeping stern.

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