February 17, 2019

Mulder New Web Site

Dutch yacht builder Mulder presents its new virtual showroom aimed at presenting its unique range of steel builds to the global community. Founded in 1938 by Dirk Mulder Senior this Dutch leading boating family of designers and builders has grown itself into a rather unique company offering also a diverse product range. When Dirk Mulder Senior founded the company at the still actual premises he was only 27 years old. The first builds at Mulder where of wood and sailing craft type, but the company also started to construct yachts with steel a few years after its founding. With steel always becoming more predominant in the builds in 1953 Mulder launched its first complete motor powered boat with the 7.50 Baby Favorite, followed in 1955 by a complete three models range of power boats. In the sixties the company extended the range with the success of the Super Favorite, building for a good period at least one every month of the new bigger three model range. In the seventies Mulder delivered its last sailing yacht at twelve meters in size, and started dedicating full concentration to motor powered boats. At the period Dirk Mulder also started to take it more easy and gave yard operations to an outside manager until 1984, when 22 year old Dirk Robert Mulder Junior took over the leading position, which he baptized with the launch of the three different sized Favorite Super range, marking also the return to a classic flared bow. The nineties began the expansion of bigger sizes, but also the use of new construction methods for the Mulder yachts upper structure now build of steel or alloy. In the end of the nineties a new Futura range designed by the A1 team and consisting of more modern looks was launched. The company has after this seen an expansion in sizes which culminated with the delivery of the Mulder 88 in 2001. In April 2013 Mulder new building facility was opened. Today Mulder offers seven ranges of models: Bellagio, Convertible, Custom Build, Favorite, Flybridge, Futura, and Voyager, which start at fifteen meter and go up to the custom Thirty Six launched in 2017. Mulder website is available in Dutch and English language and takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Our Shipyard, Our Fleet, History, Services, News, and Jobs.  Mulder is also on social media with buttons at the bottom of the page taking you to its Instagram, and Facebook pages.
Production History; (semi-production only)
Favorite 13.50 m 1986-2013 (8)
Favorite 10.50 m 1996 (4)
Favorite 11.50 m 1988-2005 (4)
Favorite 16.50 m 1989-90 (2)
Favorite 10.00 m 1990-92 (2)
Favorite 15.00 m 1990-99 (3)
Favorite 18.60 m 1991-2000 (3)
Favorite 15.50 m 1992-93 (2)
Favorite 11.00 m 1992 (2)
Favorite 17.00 m 1993 (2)
Favorite 14.00 m 1994-95 (3)
Favorite 10.70 m 1996-99 (4)
Favorite 11.30 m 2000-02 (2)
Wheelhouse 21.30 m 2003-09 (3)
Convertible 18.10 m 2005-10 (3)
Wheelhouse 19.40m 2006-07 (2)
Wheelhouse 22.30 m 2007-21 (4)
Convertible 20.70 m 2007-09 (2)
Favorite 1500 2010- (18
Favorite 1700 2016- (10
ThirtySix 2017- (9
Favorite 2200 2020- (3
Favorite 9.20 m 2022 (3)

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