February 8, 2019

Project: Vicem 67 Cruiser

Vicem have started construction for its new 67 Cruiser model.  Designed by in-house designer Sinan Unal, the first 67 Cruiser is to complete construction by mid Summer 2019, and is to be build with cold molded hybrid method of wood and epoxy West system resins.   Sitting as entry level of Vicem explorer yacht Cruiser range the 67 will feature a three double cabin interior, with all living and dining on the main deck.  To aft the 67 Cruiser will feature a crew cabin sleeping two and also a second small galley.  The Vicem 67 Cruiser will be powered with standard Volvo 600hp engines which give a cruise speed of 18 knots and a max of 22 knots.  For those wanting more speed bigger other Volvo engine options of 725hp or 900hp units are available.

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  1. This is an aborted project for Vicem 67 New Range by Barracuda Yacht Desig, a new GRP series that was going to be produced in Turkey, now re-using the hull only into a half GRP, half timber boat, I believe.