February 3, 2019

Web: Bugari New Web Site

Bugari from Fano on the Adriatic sea side of Italy presents its new website.  Founded in 1968 by Artemio Bugari, who at first started production of sailing yachts and fishing vessels from ten to twenty meters.  Over the years Bugari expanded his shipyard twice, first in 1972 and second in 1991.  This last move was very much important and in the early nineties Bugari started the production of custom motor and super yachts, most of which featured a semi-displacement hull form, and size varying from twenty to forty meters.  In 1999 Andrea and Arnaldo Bugari sons of Artemio took over the shipyard.  In 2014 an Austrian holding in partnership with Andrea and Arnaldo started a plan to relaunch Bugari. After this move in 2018 Bugari presented three models; F77, F86 and F100 of size from 23 to thirty meters. Bulgari new website takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Home, Brand, Fusion Design, Individual, and Contact.  Bulgari is also on social media with a link on the right top of the page taking you to its Facebook page.

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