December 15, 2018

Project: Heesen 80m Project Cosmos

Heesen announce the 80 meter Project Cosmos, a project which will feature exterior lines by Winch Design, and interiors appointed by the owners to Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design.  This is the third collaboration between Heesen and the award-winning Dutch studio Sinot. Previously, Sinot worked on the design of first in the 55m Fast Displacement Steel class, and the 70m FDHF multi-award-winning Galactica Super Nova, Heesen’s largest yacht launched to date.  At 80.07 meters, 1700 Gross Tons and with a top speed of 29 knots, Project Cosmos will be the world’s largest and fastest full-aluminium motor yacht with conventional propeller propulsion system.  The interior design for this exciting project is inspired by elements from nature. Natural mathematics, such as the Fibonacci sequence, form the basis for the interior architecture. Together with clear graphic lines the result is a clean architectural environment. Special, featured materials, such as back-lit onyx, straw marquetry and crystal glass panels are framed within the architectural lines to emphasize the beauty of these materials.  Custom design furniture elements constructed from glass, marble, metal, and various types of wood add the finishing touches to the interior decor.  Project Cosmos, with exterior lines penned by Winch Design, is due for delivery in April 2022.

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