December 22, 2018

Web: Absolute New Web Site

Founded in 2002, the Italian Piacenza Absolute has been one of the recent success stories, building a strong international recognized brand in a matter of few years thanks to the very global looks of the models on offer. This is the sixth series website for Absolute, aiming to show what the company is about, and that it was a matter of success, but one of careful planning and experienced passionate people. While today Absolute is sixteen years old, it is worth noting that the founders and owners have been building boats for a couple of decades, as the President and main shareholder is none the less then Angelo Gobbi, who had a brand with his name which he founded in 1962 i.e Gobbi.  The people who founded and manage Absolute do come from the Gobbi experience. Absolute first models where the 45 and 25 both launched in 2003, with the 41 following in the fall of 2004. Today Absolute offers four lines; Navetta, Flybridge, Sport Yachts, and Sport Line which total fourteen models on offer from eleven to 22 meters in size.  The current entry level is the 40 STL, and the flagship is the 73 Navetta, and its newest being the just launched for 2018 48 Navetta.  For 2019 Absolute will expand with three new models; 62 Fly, 47 Fly, and 68 Navetta.  The new Absolute website is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Absolute, Yachts, News, and Events.  Absolute has also its social media hubs with a link at the bottom of the page taking you to its; Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

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