December 1, 2018

blogger - Competitively Expensive

At Cannes boat show 2018 Fairline launched its Targa 43 Open, a new entry level Sport Cruiser, replacing the 38 as the starting point of the British boat maker.  The quality of the Fairline Targa 43 Open was very much praised by visitors and the press, and with this new model the British boat builder made a statement of quality all over the board, from the two layout choices to a rich feeling of visible quality and fittings. The British builder though forgot one important aspect with its new entry model, and that was to be competitive in the price segment.  
First the Farline Targa 43 is a to close competitor in price and substance, same pod propulsion and engine type to the just two feet more in real length Targa 48 Open larger sister.  Second Fairline also out priced itself to compete with the best sellers in this size, as the Azimut Atlantis 43, and the Cranchi M44 HT.  
Fairline entry level, has two errors; it is a direct inside competitor to one of its recent best sellers and most interesting boats, and that it out priced itself from the competition.  In all this though Fairline has declared good sales after the Cannes and Southampton boat show for the Targa 43 Open, though whether the sales are real or dealer based is yet to be seen.

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