January 21, 2018

Web: Bayliss New Web Site

Carolina's Bayliss is one of the over a dozen builders building custom sportfish yachts, hailing on the East coast of the United States of America. Now John Bayliss coming from a good run up of orders presents a new virtual showroom, which takes you to his universe of made to measure custom Sportfish Yachts. John founded Bayliss Boatworks in April 2002, at the time coming from a career which started as a mate in 1975 at Hatteras Village, and pinnacles in 1997 when he became captain of Hatteras Yachts demo boat Hatterascal.  Bayliss builds his yachts in cold molding, meaning wood and in this case with the jig construction method covered in the outer and inner skin by resin and glass. This system while time consuming, a construction takes from eighteen to 24 months, has the benefits of both renowned boat building methods and gives the wood flexibility added with the protection of a fiberglass and resin skin. Bayliss builds about a boat and half a year, and has so far build over twenty sportfish yachts from 57 to 90 feet. Bayliss current construction schedule has at the moment five vessels in build from the Gameboat 62 to a 25 meter still in early stages. Bayliss Boatworks new online showroom takes you around with the following buttons: On The Water, In Production, Boatyard, Brokerage, About, Shop, Contact, and Careers.  Bayliss is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to the Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter pages.  

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