January 5, 2018

Web: Horizon New Web Site

Taiwan's Horizon Yachts updates its World wide web showroom to a new platform.  Horizon was founded in 1987 by John Lu, a Naval Architecture graduate from National Taiwan Ocean University. Taking his degree John Lu returns to his coastal home town Kaohsiung, to gain hands on experience as a marine engineer, and in 1987 while working as Chief of Research and Development with another yard an opportunity comes to create his own company. The deal is struck and John Lu starts Horizon in his home town Kaohsiung with thirty employees. Since then Horizon has seen full on growth with the company overcoming the nineties Asian recession on full steam. Horizon made also important milestones in its history. In 1993 it decides to build its first eighty foot plus Super Yacht which it delivers in 1995. 1999 starts the use of the Scrimp resin vacuum infusion process. 2000 it founds Atech Composite dedicated to the build of hulls and superstructure. In 2002 it forms a Research and Design program for alternative power resources, which leads to 2007 when it begins development for a solar power yacht which is launched two years later. In 2008 it launches the largest one shot Scrimp infused build with the 130 Premier, and in the same year it enters steel super yacht construction with the EP148. In 2009 Horizon launched the biggest yacht ever launched in Taiwan the P136. Today Horizon with founder John Lu still at the helm, employs one thousand plus of staff who build an eight series line up: EP, P, RP, FD, E, V, PC, and CC which total 28 models. The smallest of the range is the PC 52, and the largest is the EP150. Horizon new website takes you around with the following buttons: Discover Horizon, Horizon Model, News and Events, and Located Dealers.  Horizon is also on social media with lower button pages taking you to its Facebook and Youtube pages.

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