January 15, 2018

Andrea Spreafico 1921 - 2018

On 15 January 2018 at 96 years of age Andrea Spreafico left for the better World.  Born on 4th December 1921 in Vimercate in the province of Milan, Andrea Spreafico known to his friends as Gino is said to have made his fortunes in investing in the city of Milan after World War II and owning by the fifties around one thousand apartments in the World Fashion Capital.  He is also known to be the first Italian to buy the first Ferrari car, this passion of sport cars something which he never abandoned.  In the sixties he founds the Cielo Terra Mare CTM luxury good store in Milan, focusing among other things in selling yachts and representing the Versilcraft brand, something which he will do till the nineties.  In the early eighties Andrea invests in the Eastern Ligurian coasts and acquires along with some partners the famous Castles of Sestri Levante luxury hotel which will sole own from 2002.  In 1988 Andrea Spreafico founds the Falcon Yachts; at first the idea is to offer a range of fifteen to 24 meters in size, but in 1992 with the purchase of another shed in Viareggio the brand becomes totally independent moving away over time from the Versilcraft association.  Falcon Yachts will become a success and one of the top sellers in the 24 to 35 meters super yacht segment in the late nineties and the first decades of the new millennium, with the 82, 86 and 100 models all having successful sales. 

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