January 28, 2017

Web: Palmer Johnson New Web Site

US renowned Super Yacht builder Palmer Johnson presents a new virtual Internet showroom. Founded in 1918 as Johson and Gmack, the company started out by building boats for the Great Lakes commercial fisherman. Ten years later to this the founder's son Palmer Johnson enters the company and builds his first wooden boat, but it will take till 1965 for it to change what it is today a recognized high quality brand name in the yachting industry. During the second World War Palmer Johnson delivers over forty 45 feet Air-Sea rescue boats, and four 65 foot T-class freighters. In 1956 the company moved away from its family founders first being sold to a group of local Sturgeon Bay businessmen, and in 1961 it was transferred again to Texas Instruments founder Pat Haggerty. This last new ownership decided to strict its building method to aluminium only. In 2004 Palmer Johnson was sold again to the actual ownership, and a decision was made to switch to semi custom builds, unlike the previous years where the company was building custom only triple decked super yachts. Today Palmer Johhson features a three series; Supersport, Sportyacht, and Sport, which build a total of ten models which start with the PJ63 Sport and go up to the 72M Supersport. The Sportyacht is the renaming of the Sports Series which was inaugurated in 2003 with M/Y Cover Drive at 105 feet and has proved a huge success for Palmer Johnson. Palmer Johnson new website takes you around with the following buttons: Sport, Supersport, Sportyacht, Heritage, and Contact Us. Palmer Johnson is also featured on social media with bottom link taking you to the following pages; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Plus.

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