January 22, 2017

Project: Riva 110

Designed by Officina Italiana, the project of the Riva 110 expands on the just launched 100 Corsaro, for a semi wide body raised pilot house type super yacht.  Semi wide body not so large super yachts of around thirty meters in size are becoming increasingly popular with owners and semi production builders in recent years, due to the expansion of space these give to the owners stateroom on the fore part of the main deck.  Yet the CentoDieci is not only similar to the 100 Corsaro on concept, but also in looks, looking very alike outside.  Why would they not?  Consider also that after the launch of hull one of the 100 Corsaro, in couple of days Riva has sold production of this unit till early 2018, which shows a positive market response to both Officina Italiana and  Ferretti Group design engineering teams. 

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