January 11, 2017

Project: Tecnomar Evo 68 HT

Tecnomar continue to expand its Evo line with the presentation of more project models.  Set at the entrance of the Tecnomar line up, the Evo series has received a huge boost of confidence in 2016 with the selling of the first 55 unit, and an 80 and 115 models currently on order and in build at Massa in Italy. The Evo 68 HT wants to add to this success and sits as a bridge model between the 55 and 80 composite series.  Designed by Tecnomar in-house designer Gian Marco Campanino, the 68 offers the futuristic exterior looks of its smaller and larger sisters, with a three double cabins interior.  A single crew cabin is to be located at midships.  Power comes from IPS propulsion type engines with twin 900hp Volvo's as standard, and or optional triple 800hp installation.

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