August 29, 2014

Web: Magnum New Web Site

It is always a pleasure to speak about Magnum Marine, and now the World famed very exclusive US builder presents a new virtual web showroom taking you into its unique universe. Magnum started up in 1966 Miami, Florida and was one of the half a dozen fast boat builders founded in the sixties and seventies by Don Aronow. For the record Donald Aronow was the creator of the famed Thunderboat Row in Miami where Magnum is still located, and his other founded companies are Formula in 1961, Donzi in 1964, Cigarette in 1970, and Aronow Powerboats in the eighties and all his companies revolved around the deep vee underwater shaped hull for the most part designed by Jim Wynne and Walt Walters. The Aronow Hull Jim Wynne design was similar in concept to the Ray Hunt 1958 deep-Vee, but was revolved towards more high performance. In 1968 Don sold to Apeco, and eight years later in 1976 Marchese Filippo Theodoli took over Magnum from the US firm to transform its legacy into a unique status symbol boat builder. Filippo Theodoli idea was to keep with the super fast sea worthy deep vee 24 degrees hull, but add to it a bullet proof construction, and the luxurious comfort associated of a yacht. The Italian vision was complete a year later presenting the first and largest open Sport Yacht over fifteen meter of the period the Magnum 53 Maltese in 1977, which subsequently was delivered in over fifty examples in a production run lasting till 1995.  Following the 53, Magnum continued to present other cruisers; the 45 and 40 and in 1984 it continued to push the sport yacht size limit presenting the 63 Sports with lines by Pininfarina, in 1989 the 70 also by Pininfarina, and the 80 again at the hands of the Italian firm in 2000. Driven by Filippo Theodoli the 63 went on to do the impossible by winning the Miami Nassau Miami for three times in a row with a diesel powered sport yacht, reaching speeds over eighty mph, and beating smaller faster boats thanks to its consistent speed in rough waters. Filippo died in 1990, and today Magnum is managed by wife Katrin, and son Giovanni who produce a limited customized two boats a year of the current six models from 44 to 100 feet.  The flagship of the range the 100 is currently in advanced planning stages, with the current largest Magnum still being the 80, which was delivered in two units so far. The new Magnum web site takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Models, History, Brokerage, Technology, News, Store, and Contact Us.

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