September 1, 2014

blogger - Coming Back

Before the recession and some states going crazy on yachts with controls and extra taxes there was a few quality brands around which got a lot of recognition for building nice cruisers and yachts, with some of these unfortunately closing the doors.  With things improving slowly in the last year we are seeing some of these brands return. Some are coming with a new ownership, others are re-opening with the old management or part of back in the helm.
It was a boom period up until 2008 and suddenly the market deflated in some months. To add fuel to fire, some primary yacht states; Italy and Spain at the fore front started running after money from yachts. You can understand at the time how in the best of times it all turned sour to the medium and small sized companies. Especially those who where investing to become bigger, better, and a more global brand. I am sure very few would not have done the way up, considering the order books of some builders in between 2005 and 2008.
Some of the returning brands are saying that the current market is a shy improving one, with the most of the clientele asking for a quality medium sized craft sub fifteen meter. The yacht size between fifty and eighty fee is still in nowhere land, that is unless one is a global brand and is very strong in the North American market. 

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