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December 30, 2015

Waltman M. Walters 1926 - 2015

Walt Walters died this 29 December at the age of 89.  Born in Rochester, Minnesota, Waltman M. Walters studied aeronautical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, switched to mechanical engineering, and then got married and moved to Florida. His first job was as draftsman at Scottie Craft just as the company was shifting from wood to fiberglass construction. Next was Squall King, and then a partnership with Carl Moesly building the American Marc line for Arthur Vining Davis, head of Alcoa.  Following Dick Bertram’s historic victory in the 1960 Miami to Nassau Race, in a Ray Hunt designed deep-V named Moppie, Bertram formed Bertram Yachts and hired Walters as production engineer for the Bertram 31. Not long after, Walters and Jim Wynne teamed to design and race offshore powerboats. Their first, the 16 feet Wyn Mill, was sufficiently successful to draw the attention of Don Aronow, who commissioned Walters and Wynne to design the Formula 233, which was in continuous production for 19 years, until 1983, and is one of the most-copied hulls ever built. In the following years Walters designed boats for Donzi, Chris-Craft, Luhrs, Starcraft, Fino, Monza, Botved-Coronet, Kiekhaefer, Aquasport a landmark 22/6.7m popularized the center-console open-fisherman type), the upmarket Magnum and many more. He even designed a few sailboats for Bill Soverel.

December 4, 2014

Improve-it = Magnum 51 Bestia

This new blue, Magnum 51 has been delivered this summer 2014 to a client in Miami. Equipped with twin MTU 1600hp, this boat represents the results of Magnum Marine new studies in a more environmental friendly boat, especially on fuel economy and speed. Amazingly, this over 60 knots sport yacht will use only 380 lph, thanks to the lighter weight, common rail engines, the stiffer and lighter hull construction and the surface drives system. Interiors of this new model include a large salon and galley, master stateroom, head and crew cabin. Also called “Bestia”  Magnum 51 is characterized by her tremendous speed, acceleration and brute power. She features a narrow beam, deep-vee, very muscular hull, generally equipped with twin Caterpillar or MTU diesels of between 1600 and 1925 HP each coupled to Arneson surface drives. The top speed can reach up to 64 knots. Very impressive is her unbelievable seaworthiness in all weather conditions.  She slices through the waves and can safely and comfortably make long crossings in rough seas, whilst large yachts remain in port. In spite of her small size, the Magnum 51 has approx seven feet headroom and boasts a comfortable double cabin with Queen sized berth and plenty of closet space, a large head with stall shower, a salon, galley and crew cabin. The cockpit, with bolster helm and companion seats also features an L-shaped side and transom seat and sundeck.

August 29, 2014

Magnum Marine New Web Site

It is always a pleasure to speak about Magnum Marine, and now the World famed very exclusive US builder presents a new web showroom taking you into its unique universe. Magnum started up in 1966 Miami, Florida and was one of the half a dozen fast boat builders founded in the sixties and seventies by Don Aronow. For the record Donald Aronow was the creator of the famed Thunderboat Row in Miami where Magnum is still located, and his other founded companies are Formula in 1961, Donzi in 1964, Cigarette in 1970, and Aronow Powerboats in the eighties and all his companies revolved around the deep vee underwater shaped hull for the most part designed by Jim Wynne and Walt Walters. The Aronow Hull Jim Wynne design was similar in concept to the Ray Hunt 1958 deep-Vee, but was revolved towards more high performance. In 1968 Don sold to Apeco, and eight years later in 1976 Marchese Filippo Theodoli took over Magnum from the US firm to transform its legacy into a status symbol sport yacht builder. Filippo Theodoli idea was to keep with the super fast sea worthy deep vee 24 degrees hull, but add to it a bullet proof construction, and the luxurious comfort associated of a yacht fifteen meters or more in size. The Italian vision was complete a year later presenting the first and largest open Sport Yacht over fifteen meter of the period the Magnum 53 Maltese in 1977, which subsequently was delivered in over fifty examples in a production run lasting till 1995. Following the 53, Magnum continued to present other cruisers; the 45 and 40 and in 1984 it continued to push the sport yacht size limit presenting the 63 Sports with lines by Pininfarina, in 1989 the 70 also by Pininfarina, and the 80 again at the hands of the Italian firm in 2000. Driven by Filippo Theodoli the 63 went on to do the impossible by winning the Miami Nassau Miami for three times in a row with a diesel powered sport yacht, reaching speeds over eighty mph, and beating smaller faster boats thanks to its consistent speed in rough waters. Filippo died in 1990, and today Magnum is managed by wife Katrin, and son Giovanni who produce a limited customized two boats a year of the current six models from 44 to 100 feet. The flagship of the range the 100 is currently in advanced planning stages, with the current largest Magnum still being the 80, which was delivered in two units so far. The new Magnum web site takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Models, History, Brokerage, Technology, News, Store, and Contact Us.
Production History
35 1966-74
27 1968-91 (443) includes racers, patrolling, Starfire, and Sedan
16 Marauder 1967-69
16 Missile 1967-69
27 Sedan 1970-88 (443) *includes racers, patrolling, Starfire, and Sport Apeco ownership
Sport 25 1972-75 (36)
28 Maltese 1973-79 (98)
27 Starfire 1975-91 (443) *includes racers, patrolling, Sport, and Sedan
38 1974-1982
53 Maltese 1977-95 (55)  Theodoli ownership
45 1980-1992 (22)
40 1981-98 (72)
63 Pininfarina 1983-2000 (20+-)
70 Pininfarina 1987- (10
50 Bestia 1993-2007 (15) Katrin Theodoli ownership
56 1995-2008
44 Banzai 1999-2020
60 Furia 2001- 
80 2001- (2
51 Bestia 2009- (3
27 2021-
47.5 2022- 

November 28, 2009

Project: Magnum 100

This new Magnum 100 model project, presented by this status symbol yacht and cruiser builder will be it's largest size to date, and second in a Super plus eighty foot size. It is expected to be delivered by 2012, with the styling designed by a talented young, Italian designer, Alberto Mancini, who presented echoing lines to the Pininfarina penciled 80 but offers a completely new concept of outdoor cockpit livability. The Magnum 100 has different seating, dining and viewing areas, with an expandable top providing various and movable shaded areas. Technologically designed by Magnum to be eco friendly, with a lot of emphasizes going on weight saving through the use of stronger and lighter materials. The vessel is built in advanced composite foams and carbon fiber, allowing critical HP to weight ratios to be met with lower power, thus saving more than 20% in weight compared to similar models; also making the vessel structure more rigid and more efficient. For less drag and therefore improved fuel consumption, Magnum also installs surface drives one of the first users of this system back in the eighties, which not only reduce consumption but also increase top speed. For slow speed operation, the new Magnum flagship will have an electric harbor drive: an electric wing engine for slow speed operation, which runs virtually silent and smoke free. No noise and no more exhaust fumes. Magnum also designed an interior LED and fluorescent lighting set up which will increase efficiency and decrease interior heat load. Interiors as like any Magnum will be custom designed for her owner and include in standard form a four double cabins, heads, reception and salon areas and of course comfortable crew cabins. Power will be twin Cats or MTU of 2600hp each which should give estimated top speeds of 55 knots. The 100 has been designed to be the most environmentally friendly, comfortable, seaworthy and fast Super Sport Yacht in the world, and with the fame this builder has who can doubt this.

October 12, 2009

New Model: Magnum 51 Bestia

Each new Magnum model is always a big news and finally the US builder presents its latest 51 which the company decides to keep the title of Bestia as the 1994 50 which it replaces.  On its first sea trials the new 51 Bestia reached 64 knots, making it the fastest, large Magnum yacht ever launched.  Keeping much of the hull lines, and underwater shape from the 50 Bestia, Magnum decided to redesign the super structure and deck, giving the job to Brazilian native designer Luiz de Basto.  Taking over from Pininfarina was no easy task but De Basto did a magnificent job giving a more polished rounded modern contemporary look to the new Bestia. Just as her predecessor, the 50 Bestia, the new 51 is still and even more so a Beast due to her tremendous speed and brute power making this new Magnum an absolute thrill. Standard interiors include two options with the first being a large master cabin, salon, head and single crew cabin to fore. Another layout is a large U-shaped saloon, l-shaped galley, and head. Still these are Magnum standard plans with the builder leaving a custom independence of what one would want to do below. What Magnum will never change is its narrow deep-vee, very heavy ultra strong hull, and power which for the 51 Bestia is by twin Cats or MTU diesels of between 1600 and 1925hp each coupled to Arneson surface drives.  Top speeds as was the case for hull number one can go up to 64 knots. Needless to say here we speak of a Magnum with very impressive unbelievable seaworthiness in all weather conditions, slicing through the waves and making long crossings safely and comfortably even in rough seas.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.16 m (49.9ft)
Beam - 4.15 m
Draft - 1.06 m
Displacement - 23.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 2366 l
Water Capacity - 568 l
Engines - 2 x Cat 1600hp, MTU 1925hp
Propulsion - Arneson surface drives
Speed - 64 knots max with 1925hp
Hull Shape - deep vee
Design - Luiz De Basto

April 23, 2009

Improve-it = Magnum 60 Furia

Each new launch from status symbol Sport Yacht builder Magnum Marine is always an improvement and a further development of the previous. Magnum just launched its latest 60 Furia, number 009. This hull number nine of the Pininfarina designed 60 Furia, is outfitted with the Caterpillar C32, which gives her runs in the high 50 knots range. Having her underwater deep vee shape derived from the classic of all, that is the 53 Maltese it is easy to say that the Furia tackles rough sea water as its joy and pleasure. This newly launched 60 Furia is also special due to her incredible metallic black paint job and beautiful Italian interiors. As the new 70 Lazzarini Pickering, the new 60 will be seen cruising the Mediterranean this summer. Lucky those who can admire such a unique Sport Yacht in all senses.

April 3, 2009

New Model: Magnum 70 Lazzarini Pickering

Magnum launched its new 70, hull number 011, at the end of February. The boat, designed by the famous architects Lazzarini Pickering, is a big departure and turn around from the standard Magnum 70. She has no portholes but, instead, is outfitted with large skylights made of a special glass to bring enormous amounts of light into the cabin. These skylights automatically tint according to the amount of sun hitting them at any one time. This was designed in order to keep the interiors cool regardless of the sun’s position or strength, and to keep a comfortable temperature inside without the use of air-conditioning, thereby saving energy, something Magnum is committed to. This technology has been available for quite some time in the eyeglass market but it is the first time it has been used on a yacht. Other news is the central radar arch which extends a sun protection awning when desired, and the lines of the windshield have also been softened up versus the previous Pininfarina design. The boat, which has two cabins and a large master suite, was built for a private client who will enjoy her in the Mediterranean this summer. Equipped with the 2000 series MTU engines, each producing 2400hp, the new Magnum 70 runs approximately 61 knots in many sea states which normally keeps other boats in harbour, let alone touch high speeds. The owner bought her for the seaworthy Magnum trademark so that he could cross the Med in security far from land with absolutely no fear for his safety or that of his family.
Technical Data:
LOA - 21 m (70ft)
Beam - 5.18 m
Draft - 1.80 m
Weight - 32,000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 4550 l
Water Capacity - 950 l
Accommodation - 6 - 8 berths
Engines - 2 x MTU 2000 series 2400hp
Speed - 61 knots max
Project - Lazzarini Pickering
Construction - Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, GRP

July 30, 2008

Projects: Magnum 70, Magnum 50

To be launched in September for the Fort Lauderdale show is a new Magnum 70 designed by Italian architects Lazzarini Pickering. Equipped with twin 2400HP MTU diesels coupled to Arneson surface drives, this new Kevlar and carbon fiber composite hull will reach top speeds of close to 70 MPH. Interiors are custom built to the owner’s specifications and can accommodate up to three double cabins. For the first hull of this new model, Magnum ordered beautifully designed interiors from Italy for the client. We gave details about the new 50 replacing the Bestia model last November, but being ready to be launched for the Fort Lauderdale show, here we go again with some more information direct from Magnum. Designed by Luiz de Basto, the new 50 will have a sleek and aggressive deck. She will be equipped with twin Caterpillar engines of 1800HP coupled to surface drive, this new Magnum will reach speeds of close to 75 MPH with unbelievable acceleration. As usual to all of any new Magnum, it will be custom built to clients’ specifications. Both of the new models should be available for testing just before the Fort Lauderdale boat show, so if you want the best in a high performance sport yacht, I will be the first in the line to try any of these untamed sea beast of performance and safety. Present at the show in Fort Lauderdale will also be an 80 model, hull no.2 for the flagship of the legendary USA builder was launched in February of 2008 and presented officially during the last Miami show.

November 22, 2007

Projects: Magnum 50, Magnum 70

Magnum is working on the prototype of the new Luiz De Basto designed Magnum 50. This new 50 replaces the "Bestia" model that came before it. The new, as yet unnamed model, will be offered with either the MTU V10 or with the MAN V12 and will run approximately 70mph. The Magnum 50 will be the fastest model produced by the company with the exception of the much anticipated 27.
Presently under construction, for completion in early 2008, is a new Magnum 70 model on order for one of Magnum's VIP clients. Designed by Pininfarina and equipped with twin 2400 MTU diesels coupled to Arneson ASD15 surface drives, this new incredibly fast and maneuverable performance yacht is expected to reach top speeds over 60mph in any sea condition. This model is also available to government agencies as a Patrol Craft.

September 25, 2007

Boat Review: Magnum 70 Sport

Stretched version of the Magnum 63, the Magnum 70 is the evolution in size but also in comfort for the prestigious American brand. Advised by many experts as one of the best powerboats and poweryachts ever built, Magnum was founded in 1966 by Don Aronow and immediately became a status symbol of American Boat construction and reliability when the 27 and 35 both became World Offshore champions in Open Class Racing. As the recent models of the line the Magnum 70 was designed by Pininfarina and is available in 3 different versions: Sport, Hardtop and Flybridge. Obviously our attention goes to the successful Sport version which is all about Magnum heritage from head to tow.
Standard interior layout for the 70 is a spacious 3 double cabin offer. A spacious Master cabin is situated forward and all cabins feature en-suite heads. The saloon is located mid-ship and features a spacious C-shaped settee to port with a stylish cabinet unit opposite. A galley is located separately to starboard. A separate 2 berth crew cabin with shower head is located forward with entrance from a hatch on deck. Still this layout can be taken as it is, as Magnum offers a custom approach to all it's new builds where clients desires are placed first, so one can modify inside as he wishes.
The Cockpit of the Magnum is open as you can get with a huge central sunbed aft, c-shaped settee to starboard, wet-bar to port and the fully equipped racing style helm to starboard. Magnum has on standard layout a mentality of spacious spaces rather then plenty of beds or cabinets in it's boats, something which is to like if you use it a lot and is very different to recent trend in most similar sized sport yachts.
Deep V-hull with 25 degrees aft, superb ride with surface drives giving 52 knots of top speed. Magnum are renowned as the best in the class for there performance and sea handling and this fame is not build in a day but in forty years of successful seaworthy and strong boats constructed. The 70 hull shape is a further extension and development from the successful 63, a winning powerboat sport yacht who two times won the Miami Nassau Miami. The 63 reached speeds over 80 mph in these races, beating smaller but also much faster boats. The Magnum 70 at 21 meters feels easy to drive and most of all gives a sense of speed and safety very few boats manage to achieve. Try it to believe it.
cockpit settee sunbed
interior saloon
spacious environment
small third cabin in standard layout
side-deck to fore deck walk through
If you are looking for a 21 meters sport yacht with an open cockpit no enclosed hardtop and surface drives there is very little to look nowadays. Future competition might come from the Itama 70 Seventy which might offer the right competition mix to this now abandoned market sector cause of the more requested integrated hardtop. Here is what you can look for:
Baia 70 Italia - hardtop opens all, semi-custom, Arneson drives
Bruno Abbate Primatist 70 G Aerotop Pininfarina - hardtop design, Trimax Buzzi drives
Italcraft 70 Drago - not fully enclosed ht available, Top System surface drives, seaworthy
Pershing 72 - new 2007, enclosed but hydraulics open as you wish, Arneson drives
WILD CARD: WallyPower 73 - modern, alternative, jet powered, glass hardtop
People choose Magnum most of all for its superb ride in the tough and for one of the best handling with the Arneson surface drives. Magnum where among the first to use the Arneson Drives back in the eighties and I am sure there experience in this type of transmission was made to good use. Pininfarina Design continued the heritage of the classic lines for this brand, but added softer lines like the windshield and aggressive touches in the air intakes on deck and in the sides which have USA classic written over them. The Magnum 70 is a performing sport yacht but is also comfortable and still offers very good accommodation inside and outside which would is hard to believe when you see the lines of this 21 meters sport yacht.
Technical Data
L.O.A. 21 metres (68.8ft)
Beam. 5.18 metres
Draft. 1.80 metre
Displacement. 32.000 kg (dry)
Fuel Capacity. 4.550 litres
Water Capacity. 950 litres
Person Capacity. 10 persons
Berths. 6/8 guest and 1/2 crew
Engines: 2 x DDA/MTU 16v 2000 1800hp
Propulsion - Arneson Surface Drives
Speed. max 52 knots
Construction. kevlar, carbon fiber, GRP
Project. Jim Wynn Walt Walters naval architect. Pininfarina exterior and interior.
Picture Copyright Magnum. Data Magnum.