September 13, 2014

Web: Abati New Web Site

Italian builder, Abati Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom. Founded in 2004 by Alessandro Patrizi, Abati started as a story of the past. Looking for his own boat, Patrizi chooses a lobster looking Traditional Cruiser from Austin Parker, and its top of the range 42 model. Hearing in a later stage that the Tuscany Austin Parker was in financial trouble decides to take over the building premises, but to leave the brand name to the owners mostly because of his idea in constructing bigger boats. In 2013 the Abati firm was purchased by a major business group. Abati will go on and build traditional inspired down East lobster cruisers and yachts with the 55 Portland being its first to launch model. The 55 looking very classic outside had important innovations mostly to what concerns its layout, which had an all separate entrance three cabins, which is still a unique feature in its size today. The second Abati was the 46 Newport took a more modern approach.  Today Abati builds four models; 46 Newport, 55 Portland, 58 Eastport, and its flagship the 60 Keyport. The new Abati Yacht virtual showroom is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Shipyard, Press Room, News and Events, Dealers Networks, Catalogues, and Contacts. 

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