April 25, 2014

Web: Storm New Web Site

Storm Yacht from the Netherlands presents its new World wide showroom. Storm was founded in 2010 by Rob Van Kesteren and Corne Knippels. Both founders have long time yacht industry experience, with Knippels starting in 2001 and Knestern in 2005. Storm Yachts are designed by two renowned Dutch designers Frank Laupman from Omega Architects and Niels Moerke from Van Oossanen Naval Architects firm. Currently Storm have two innovate range of Yachts the X and the Y, which produce six models which start at 53 and end at 100 feet. Storm Yachts new web site take you around with the following buttons; Home, About Us, Contact, Stormletter, and tab for each of the models up top. Storm has also its social; Twitter and Facebook pages with a link on the bottom right of the entry page. 

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