April 13, 2014

Project: Canados Oceanic 120 DiElec

It's been an important start for 2014 since Canadoes announced its new expedition Oceanic range, selling and currently building two of the six vessels available. The Oceanic 120 sits in the middle of the range and is a high tech composite construction. Powered by twin MTU 2600hp and twin Auxilia 120 kW electric engines, the DiElec short term for diesel electric can achieve a top speed of 23-knots. But that’s not her most impressive attribute, when cruising at 8-knots on her electric engine the 120 DiElec’s ridiculously low fuel consumption figures have to be seen to be believed. As with all models across the Oceanic range, the entire upper deck is devoted to the owner’s suite. On the lower deck four additional cabins accommodate guests in considerable comfort. Stowed in the Oceanic 120 DiElec’s central garage is a 6.5m tender and a jet ski, while the aft garage can store two additional jet skis. With flexibility typical of the Oceanic philosophy, the 120 DiElec can also be designed with on-deck tender stowage, providing the opportunity to utilize the garage space as an over-sized beach club.

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