April 14, 2014

Paolo Caliari 1932 - 2014

Remembering Paolo Caliari also known as the father of Mediterranean yacht design who left for the better World on Sunday 13 April 2014.  Born in 1932 Paolo Caliari becomes a World renowned yacht designer who contributed not only to the birth of the so called Italian Mediterranean style of yachting, but is considered as one of the fathers of contemporary style.  He played a pioneer role in shaping yacht design as is known today, understood as a combination of knowledge, skills and processes, which are organized around technological research.  Paolo Caliari is the designer of many legandary boats mostly characterizing a combination of both aggressive forms and clear, elegant straight lines.  In his career Paolo has worked for a whose who list in the global yachting industry from the sixties till the nineties for such names as Alalunga, Arno, Baglietto, Denison, Donzi, Esterel, Intermarine, Mochi, Picchioti Proteksan, Roscioli, Sanlorenzo, Tecnomarine, Wellcraft, and Vosper.  One of his longest standing collaboration came with Cantieri Navali dell Arno and its Leopard range which started in the seventies and continued till near the end of his career.  Arno Leopard made a special hit with the mid eighties started important 20m model, at that time the largest open sport yacht which made school and over the years morphed in a series of models including the popular 27.  Paolo Caliari best selling design was the Tecnomarine C42 which started production in 1973 and lasted till 1986 and sold over one hundred units.  Caliari at some points in his career also had a brand of his own with the Caliari Yacht offshoot produced in collaboration with Mochi in the late eighties and early nineties. Worth to note that some of the famous Italian Yacht designers and naval architects who will make hit over the years also started as assistants in his studio; Aldo Cichero, Andrea Basicalupo, Anna and Franco Dellarolle, and last but not least his son Pier Luigi Caliari who with assistance from father Paolo and collaborators Carlo Donati and Carola Gentilini founded the Caliari Architects Yacht Design in 2010.

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