October 26, 2012

Propulsion: Voith Inline Propulsor

The initial idea was to develop a propulsion system with minimum vibration and noise emissions. The result is a rim driven propeller powered by a permanent-magnetic electric motor. The thruster system requires neither axle nor shaft or gearing. VIPs impress by their prompt steering and can also be retrofitted as propulsion systems or thrusters. If required, the propeller blades can be replaced individually. That is fascinating technology lending itself to a wide variety of applications. Voith Inline Propellers are used as propulsion systems for passenger boats, barges and large yachts. The Voith Inline Propulsor systems are driven by an integrated permanent magnetic synchronous ring motor.  The motor windings are housed in the stator, the permanent magnets are housed in the rotor. The rotor is supported by water-lubricated bearings for the radial and axial load. The propeller blades made from Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Plastic are directly connected to the inner ring of the rotor, which eliminates the need for a central shaft or gearbox. The sense of rotation, as well as the speed, is controlled by frequency converters. Thruster housings are pressure-tested to verify water tightness and are filled with resin to encapsulate all electric parts and permanent magnets.  The Voith Inline Propulsor is available in nine units from 67 up to 2010hp.

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