June 18, 2011

Projects: Benetti Sail Division 131 RS, Benetti Sail Division 115 RS, Benetti Sail Division 105 RS, Benetti Sail Division 98 RS, Benetti Sail Divison 82 RS

Benetti Sail Division presents the new Rounded Stern range.  This range represents a historical touch to Benetti Sail Division being this type of hull form among of its most successful designs.  The Rounded Stern line will offer a total of six models; starting from 82 up to 131 feet.  Pictured above is the 131 RS which will be a three deck super yacht.  Internal accommodation will offer a double five cabins plan with owner stateroom on the main deck and a two VIP suite located to aft, and mid ship.  Crew accommodation is for up to nine persons.  Power will be from twin 1319hp Cat engines which give a max speed of 14 knots.  
The Benetti Sail Division 115 RS is the second in size model of the Rounded Stern range.  Measuring over 35 meters this will also be a three deck plus flybridge super yacht.  Her hull shape is a full displacement.  Accommodation is for up to 12 guests in five double cabins with owners stateroom located on the main deck.  As in all the rounded stern the 115 will feature a lot of innovation in the form of side balconies which open up to make time at sea enjoyable to the most.  Power is from twin 1000hp MAN engines which give a 13 knots max speed.
The 105 RS is the middle in size model of the classic looking Rounded Stern range from Benetti Sail Divison.  Unlike the bigger 131 and 115 models, the 105 RS will have  more sporty lines thanks to its more low profile two and half deck.  Accommodation is similar to the bigger models sleeping up to twelve guests in five cabins, and an owners stateroom located on the main deck.  Power is from MAN 1000hp engines which give a 13 knots of max speed and 12 of cruise.  
The 98 RS is the second smallest model of Benetti Sail Division Rounded Stern range.  The line of the 98RS is very similar to the seven feet bigger 105 model having also a two and half deck layout.  Inside the 98 RS will sleep up to ten guests in four double cabins.  Owners suite is still located to the main deck, but the galley is to be located below taking space for an extra cabin.  Power is from twin 725hp Cat engines which give a top speed of 13 knots. 
The entry level model of Benetti Sail Division Rounded Stern range is the 82 RS.  This model is also the second in size of all the Benetti Sail Division range and is only two feet bigger to the 80 World Traveller.  As is expected the 82 RS is a pocket sized super yacht, and continues two and half deck looks. Accommodation will sleep up to ten guests with owners stateroom still located on the main deck.  Crew beds is for up to four persons located to bow and featuring a lobby with a saloon and galley.  Power is from twin 450hp MAN engines which give an 11 knots max and cruise speed.  An economic 10 knots can also give a range of up to 2600 nautical miles before needing a refuel.  

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