June 7, 2011

Improve-it = Absolute 64

Absolute follows what it did on the 70 flagship and presents additional choices for the propulsion of the second in size 64 model.  This modification for the fall 2009 launched 64 will give the choice to owners to have a twin propulsion and more power option versus the standard quadruple Volvo IPS configuration.  This new choice of twin Volvo largest IPS1200 units increases top speed by 2 knots.  Powered by third generation Volvo IPS and twin D-13 900hp engines the Absolute 64 now reaches a top speed of 36 knots, and a cruise of 28 knots.  The speed with the standard quadruple IPS600 435hp engines installation is for 34 max, and 27 knots cruise.  This optional choice adds only 60hp to the total power, but shows how the reduced drag of two IPS pods against four units give improved speed figures of 4% in cruise and about 7% in top speed, which should also bring similar reduction in consumption levels.

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