June 11, 2011

Web: Italian Yachts New Web Site

Italian Yachts with its Jaguar Yachts brand presents its new World wide web global showroom.  This new web site comes following the launch of the 92 Jaguar flagship model.  Located in the Nortth West sea City of Genoa in Italy, Italian Yachts was founded in 2005 by Abbas Ghafourian an architect of Persian origin.  Abbas has been a Genoa resident for over 35 years after stopping in the city for studying architecture.  The first Italian Yachts model is the now stopped in production 76, which was designed by Roberto Angel and Paolo Caliari the architects still responsible for the range.  The current Italian Yachts range features three sport yachts in production; 72 Jaguar, 80 Jaguar, and 92 Jaguar, while other models specifically the 54 and 108 Jaguar are currently in project stages.  Italian Jaguar Yachts new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Jaguar Style, Jaguar 54, Jaguar 72, Jaguar 80, Jaguar 92, Jaguar 108, News, Used, Reserved Area, Contact Us, and Legal Information.  Italian Jaguar Yachts can also be found on social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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