February 13, 2022

Out-News = Sixty foot Motor Yacht Beaches in Woolgoolga

A motor yacht of eighteen meters in length ended up beached in Woolgoolga in Queensland, Australia on the morning of twelfth February.  The motor yacht was reported having an assistance tow by the Marine Area Police Force of Coffs Harbour in the evening of the eleventh at the entrance of Coffs Outer Harbour when the vessel started to take on water. At this point Marine Rescue Coffs Harbour Patrol intervened and went out to the rescue of the two persons onboard, and had to cut the towing rope, which eventually led to the yacht surviving the sinking and finding itself beached in Woolgoolga.  Salvage operations of the flybridge motor yacht where being held on Sunday 13th February.
The motor yacht in this accident is a Longreef 60 SX, build in China for an Australian firm.  Coming from an inhouse design, naval architect by John Butler, and interior design by Andy Young the Longreef 60 SX model was launched in Summer 2018, and features an interior with three double cabins plus one crew cabin.  Standard power comes from twin Cummins 600hp engines which give a top speed to the semi displacement hull shape of twenty knots.  
Longreef was founded in 2017 and the 60 SX is the second model of its range, following the 50 SX.  A 90 SX with two units on order is currently being build in China.

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