February 27, 2022

Unfortunate Sunseeker Burns Down in Cabo San Lucas

In an unfortunate accident a twenty meter Sunseeker motor yacht went up in flames in Cabo San Lucas just in-front of the marina entrance during a private fire-works display on late night of 26 February.  The Sunseeker yacht was unattended during the fire, which was set by fire-works remains falling on the flybridge canopy.  Life witnesses say the canopy burned in about seven minutes, with all the yacht burning down in less to three hours.  No fire-fighting crew arrived on the scene with the motor yacht fully burning down and becoming a total wreck.  Yacht owners from the area are calling for the danger these private display fire-works have, seeing that no safety zones are created, and that no fire fighting boat is located nearby.  
The Sunseeker in this fire is a Manhattan 63 produced from 2010 up to 2014.  Based on the Manhattan 60 it replaced extended in length and a redesigned layout, the 63 offers four double cabins with an aft crew cabin, and is powered by twin Man 1000 or 1200hp with line shafts or Volvo 900hp with IPS pod propulsion.  The 63 was replaced by the Manhattan 65 in 2014.

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