August 16, 2020

Web: Pershing New Web Site

Pershing presents its new World wide web showroom. The Pershing story starts in 1981 when a partnership between Tili Antonelli, Fausto Fillipetti, Giulano Onori created Cantieri dell Adriatico and the first model, a 30 feet wooden built sport cruiser. In 1985 the first Pershing was created and this was the 45 model designed by Fulvio De Simoni which in its sleek sport lines offered three double cabins. Since then Fulvio De Simoni continued never stopping the Pershing collaboration designing all its models, and creating over the years many breakthroughs in yacht design, starting in 1991 when the at the time flagship 70 model introduced the integrated windshield design feature. This feature apart becoming an identity design feature from Pershing will be one of the most copied styles in the nineties. The 70 also reinvented the hard top design, which Pershing developed further in the top selling 54 and 60 models first up until it was a feature of all the range. The Pershing 70 hull one prototype also featured an innovative jet turbine propulsion. Each Pershing flagship has created new trends in design from the 88 launched in 1998, to the 2004 presented 115, and the 140 launched in 2019.  In 1998 in a move to increase its growing global status Pershing joined the Ferretti Group. Later on to this comes a move to its current establishment now located in Mondolfo, a plant designed by Sandro Santini and having a total space of 55,000 square meters of which 38,000 are covered. Pershing current line up features nine models which start with the 5X, and the aluminium built 140 flagship. Pershing latest model is the 7X a further evolution of the 2014 debuted 70 which introduced the integrated wing style hard top which preceded the X style which is now a trade mark of the range.  Pershing has also a new innovative TO range in the works, with a 25 meter currently reported under construction. Pershing new web site is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Yachts, Surface, and Shipyard.  Pershing is also on social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube with a direct link buttons on the top right of the page.

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