July 26, 2020

Web: Outerlimits New Web Site

Outerlimits presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1993 by Mike Fiore, with help coming from father Paul and mother Joyce, Outerlimits was created to create one of the most desired powerboats, and in order to set new standards in mono hull speed.  This aim was made successful twice, first in 2009 with an SV43 winning the Evolution offshore class championship, and again in 2014 for setting a mono-hull speed record of 180 mph again with an SV-43.  Today Outerlimits builds eleven models, into four series; SV, SL, SC, and SX, with the range starting from the SV-29 to the SL-52.  Outerlimits new website takes you around with the following buttons; Main, About, World Records, Models, Gallery, Service, Gear-Shop, and Contact. Outerlimits is also in social media with a link at the bottom of page taking you to its Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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