October 12, 2013

Project: AB Yachts 166

AB Yachts shows rendering for the project of a new flagship the 166. Still waiting a signature on the dotted line, it will be a not so long wait of about two years for a complete new custom build, this depending on requested specification for the new AB Yachts flagship.  This model joins other Viareggio builders in presenting mega large super sport yachts with around fifty meters in length, with the AB Yachts being the third in the series. The 166 continues the family feeling of AB Yachts, but a big difference of this new model from its smaller sisters, is that here we have a three decks.  Impressive in the AB Yachts 166 will be the owners stateroom located on the main deck, and apart having two balconies which give abundance of natural light features also a separate access to the pool on the foredeck.  With the AB Yacht 166, Arnaboldi continues his sponsorship of Jet Propulsion, a trademark and specialization of the Viareggio builder, before it was part of the Fipa Group since founded in the nineties, and also a feature of the new flagship.  Sporting also an aggressive underwater Vee-shape hull with deep fore foot the AB 166 will be powered by triple MTU 4600hp engines giving a top speed of 48 knots and a cruise of 40.  Apart these impressive high end performance numbers which is a trademark of AB Yachts a 2500 nautical miles range is possible with  a 12 knots cruise.    

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