January 1, 2008

Best of 2007

2007 is PowerYachtBlog first year, as this motor boats and yachts blog was started in March.  2007 was a year as the one before it, which continued the growth of the pleasure boating industry, with the old continent, and Italy first pushing this seven year or more lasting upward trend.  The Best of Year list marks the year ended PowerYacht favourites.  The criteria's for the Best of the Year are not really written, but technical innovation, and design challenge are the most appreciated two. 

PowerYacht's Best of 2007 is the Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy. Since 2006 Sanlorenzo has a management lead by new owner Massimo Perotti.  The 40 Alloy designed by Paszkowski shows the forward thinking direction Perotti is about, rivalling some neighbouring names in sleekness with technical innovation thrown into the design, see drop down balcony in the main deck owners stateroom.  Worth a note is that Sanlorenzo also released the SD92 which would have just been in this list have it not been for this future looking new current forty meter flagship.  Two new different lines for the first full two years in management show that Sanlorenzo will be a big force in semi-production super yachts in no time.  

The others.

Absolute 52. Immediately trying IPS pod propulsion in 2006 with the current tri-engines 56 flagship, Absolute follows it a year later with two smaller 47 and 52 models.  The 52 is a fully enclosed hard-top with patio door, and a lower deck fully dedicated to the three double cabins layout. 

Baia 70 Italia. Baia is regarded top draw for surface drive high performance cruisers and yachts with comfort.  The 70 Italia follows this with a fully enclosed hard top with disappearing act patio door, something seen in the 78 Atlantica launched in 2003.  Modern classic style at its best. 

Feadship F45 Vantage. Its been possibly decades since the Dutch super yacht renowned name offered a semi-custom platform.  But here we are with Feadship offering this 45 meter semi custom model with the help of Dutch designer Sinot. 

Ferretti 510. The astern galley on the main deck as presented in the fall 2005 with the 630 goes two into this second smallest size Ferretti.  It works so well and is a layout revolution, that will feature in most flybridge yachts sub twenty meters in the near future.   

Overmarine Mangusta 165. Mangusta has been breaking size record for what is called the maxi super sport yacht over the years since the nineties.  Can anyone beat the Mangusta 165?

Riviera 4400 Sport Yacht. Riviera all enclosed hard top Sport Yacht range has been a success since debuting with the 3600 in 2005.  In 2007 Riviera wants more of this and presents the 4700 and a more innovative 4400 Sport Yacht, this last also being its first IPS pod propulsion boat. 

Sealine SC35. A new minimal design from Sealine which translates to one of the most spacious cockpit decks in its size.  Reports say it is selling very well.

Uniesse 75 Open HT. Uniesse new 23 meter flagship expands the Carolina sportfish inspired looks as designed by Fred Hudson.  Trademark distinct looks since founded in 1990 gets biggest ever. 

Going large. Princess 95 MY. A new Princess flagship brings attention, taking the famous British brand to a new large size of 28 meters, three meters to the previous flagship.  The 95 also brings Princess new MY range with a cleaner sleeker more standardised looks compared to the M series it replaces, with an 85 MY replacing the previous 25M flagship currently in project-build stages.  Can Princess go bigger to this, only time will tell.

PowerYacht wishes to all its followers, friends, readers, and visitors a Healthy and Prosperous 2008 year.

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