May 15, 2022

Web: Codecasa New Web Site

Codecasa from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom.  Codecasa was founded in 1825 by master craftsman Giovanni Batista.  Since then five other Codecasa take the helm of the company; from Antonio,  Giovan Battista 1902, Ugo and Sandro 1946, and last Fulvio in 1976.  Today Codecasa operates three facilities in Viareggio, and one in Pisa all in the Tuscany area, with a production capacity which builds super yachts from 24 up to ninety meters in size. Codecasa Ugo and Tre have a capacity to build super yachts from forty to ninety meters in length, Codecasa Due can build yachts up to 35 meters, Codecasa DR11 can build alloy super yachts up to forty meters, and Navicelli which is the latest expansion located in Pisa. Currently Codecasa has four custom super yachts in construction; 24 m Gentleman's Yacht, F77 43m, C127 58m, and C124 43 m, and seven on spec projects on offer from 24 to 72 meters.  Codecasa new website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Codecasa, Yachts, Media, Service, and Contacts.  As is standard today Codecasa is also on social media with lower page buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages.     

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