October 14, 2012

Project: Baia 30 Sevolution

Announced in 2010, this Baia new range Sevolution shows the innovative spirit of this Italian, Naples boat builder.  Now Baia goes more into details showing in its recently new web site the two models of the range the 26 and the 30.  The one pictured above is the 30, and will feature the innovative semi displacement shape designed in coperation with Naples Federico university as announced two years ago.  The 30 Sevolution will also be a three deck super yacht, something very fresh from Baia considering that the real flybridge they built was the custom one off 105 in early ninties.  By the way for those that don't know Sevolution is acronym for Sea Explorer Vessel Evolution.  Baia has so far given very little interior planning details for the 30 Sevolution, but as announced a very custom approach should be inline in the models along with a layout of cabins more similar to those of a house.  Top speed are expected to be of 22 knots, with a cruise of 18 and economic of 16.  Hybrid propulsion will be available, along with high use of solar panels, and RINA Green star certification.   


  1. Looks great! We see so many designs these days that don't really stand apart from the other motor yachts out there, not this one though! Really impressive exterior, very unique. Look forward to seeing more on the interior.

  2. I do agree. I'm always surprised the " high use of solar panels " is still rare in the yachting world. Should be -at least- an option for the buyer.

  3. Hello Fred, solar panels should have more dedicated areas even in motor-boats above 40 feet (12 meters). I like what Azimut did with the 40S where optional solar panels, can keep your batteries up under during the day.