November 9, 2011

Web: Rodman New Web Site

Rodman Yachts from Spain presents its new World Wide web virtual showroom.  Rodman was founded in 1974, and since its founding the company has seen growth not only building pleasure boats but also vessels for commercial and patrol use.  The company continued to expand and in 1986 it increased its facility space buying the Ascon shipyard.  Today Rodman has two facilities, one for the building of fiberglass boats for commercial or pleasure use, and another yard today devoted for the repair of steel craft.  The current Rodman pleasure boat line up offers fifteen models divided into three lines; Fisher and Cruiser, Spirit, and Muse.  The entry level model is the 810 from the Fisher and Cruiser line, the flagship is the 2007 launched 74 Muse, and the latest model is the just presented 31 Spirit Open.  A 20m Navetta project designed by Barcelona Yacht Design studio has been announced by Rodman in 2010, but so far there is no official launch date for this model.  Rodman new website is so far only available in Spanish language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, News, Rodman Group, Pleasure Boats, and a Patrol and special craft buttons.  An English version should be on the works as there is a button which so far does not work.    

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