April 29, 2011

Web: Menorquin New Web Site

Famous traditional yacht and cruiser builder Menorquin presents its new virtual World wide web showroom.  Menorquin was founded in 1978 on the Spanish Balearic island of Menorca, a place where the company is at today still located.  Its first model launched at the same year was the Menorquin Llauts, which are based on traditional Spanish and Balearic island fishing boats lines, but with the comfort for leisure and that of a cruiser added within.  A line that of the Llauts the company still is inspired in all its models accept for the sport cruiser 100 GT Largo. Time passes by and in 1997 Menorquin takes a huge step forward by launching the first of the Yacht line model.  In 2000 sales increase require Menorquin to add space to its building facility adding 20,000 squared meters, totaling 30,000 square meters of working area.  Three years later Menorquin makes another important step towards quality, by obtaining the ISO9000:2001 certification by Lloyd's for all the models built.  2008 is an important year for Menorquin not only because the Menorcan boat builder doubles its presence on the international markets; but because the company increases two more range of models, the flagship Custom Yacht, and the Largo sport cruiser series.  A year later to this Menorquin also adds more to its brand apart building yachts; from Charter, Services, and a Brokerage department. In the same year 2009 Menorquin also presents its new Slow Yachting way program showing a promotion on the concept and how to use the cruisers and yachts. Today Menorquin offers a total of sixteen models, four of which still in project stages from five up to 24 meters in length, divided into five different and distinct lines; Efficient, Llauts, Yachts Classic, Yachts Custom, and Largo.  Menorquin's new web site is available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Boat Range, Services, Brokerage, Charter, News, Menorquin, Newsletter, Contact, Search, and Follow Us for social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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