April 17, 2011

Web: Larson New Web Site

Larson boats from USA updates its virtual World wide showroom to a new platform.  The updated web site from Larson aims to show the developments of this builder in a modern platform showing its boats in an easy functional way.  Founded in 1913 by Paul Larson at Little Falls, Minnesota him the founder of the company built his first double-end craft duck hunting boat what was to be the first model.  Things moved on for Larson and in 1922 he also became the first Johnson dealer in Minnesota, built a new factory, and in mid decade went on to racing winning seven races in the process before being badly injured in a crash.  After the great depression of the thirties Larson doubled factory space to fill the increase demand of the newer models which featured windshield, lights, and fancy upholstery.  In 1938 an important sport boat model started production and this was the radical Falls Flyer.  In the fifties fiberglass appeared in boat building, and Larson moved on to this more production friendly material; presenting a new line of models with it; Cruisemater, Pla-Boy, Thunderhawk, and the All-American which was stopped in production about forty years later in the nineties.  The boom of the sixties arrived and with it Paul Larson expanded the All-American line with the the Lapline hull which had the deep-V, and a tri version bottom.  In 1969 Paul Larson retired with a company which was the largest runabout manufacturer in the USA.  Other important steps arrive in 1985 when Larson introduces the Delta Conic hull ensuring record sales for the year, and in the same decade it presents the Senza deep Vee line, and its first non trailer able cruiser with the 30 feet Contempra.  At the end of the eighties decade Larson was sold to Minnesota investor Irwin Jacobs becoming part of what will be the Genmar Industries later on.  Larson shows growth again in 1991 with the launch of the Cabrio, and Escapade series.  Larson is one of the few building its models with a closed mold technique called VEC a technology which the company started using in 2000.  Today Larson has a 26 model line up which is divided into five series; LX, Senza, LXI, Escape, and Cabrio. Smallest model is the 186 Senza, and the largest is the 370 Cabrio DC.  Larson new website takes you around with the following buttons: Overview, Boats, Build-A-Boat, Store, and Brochure. 

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