January 1, 2011

blogger - What Will Be

Here at the start of 2011 what will be is surely the question of many boat builders and owners. The last two years have been of outstanding difficulty for the leisure marine industry and unlike previous recession situations, the current economy slow down is a global affair. So unlike stagnated economies in late eighties, early nineties, which involved countries after each other, planet Earth today is economically speaking a smaller place to what it was ten, twenty years ago with effects coming faster, and involving most countries on the same time. This is for a couple reasons. Surely is because of the World Wide Web and current global news reel situations, and second because of the currencies controlling economies today which is limited to three, five denominations.
So what will be 2011? My personal perspective is that I still see the market as being similar to what 2010 offered with an improvement possibly happening in the USA for the sub fifty feet sizes, and the market prizing the innovative greener and economic to run yachts. Some clouds in the horizon to make this a difficult year is the price of oil. In the last months oil has been very stable at plus eighty US dollars, and if the one hundred mark is broken I think all the World economies are back again for a second spin of crisis. Considering that we still have not overcome the one from 2008 that is surely no good news for selling boats, unless you are an oil producing country or individual.
Having said all this, opportunities still exist for buyers with very good discounts going on to buyers interested of making there dreams come true. Surely latest models and those which sold well in the fall of the year shows will be harder to get on sale, but on brokerage craft, stock part exchanged, and some models which have been in production for a couple of years the chance are there to get. Considering that all builders have thinned their production to the least possible output, this is good news for the buyer and shows determination from the companies to overcome the storm.
All the best for 2011 from PowerYacht!

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