December 5, 2021

Web: CBI Navi New Web Site

CBI Navi presents its new virtual world wide web brochure showroom. CBI Navi started operating in 1984 building metal yachts of steel and alloy, in the global yacht capital Viareggio. In 2005 the company was took over by FIPA Group with the aim of building larger yachts up to seventy metres in length. This strategy from Fipa Group also had the aim to keep clients coming from a smaller Maiora or AB Yachts brands in the family of the Tuscany Group. Since CBI Navi became part of FIPA the company has delivered several custom Super Yachts all different to each other from 24 up to 50 metres, with the 50m Aifos being so far the largest build to date by the Viareggio yacht builder. Size capacity at CBI Navi is up to a size of 70 meters. The new CBI Navi website is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons: Company, Steel and Aluminium, Services, Yachts, and Contacts.  A link at the bottom of the page takes you to CBI Navi Fipa Group YouTube page.

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