April 19, 2009

Improve-it = Benetti 85 Legend

Benetti, in collaboration with the Research and Development Centre of the Azimut-Benetti Group, based in Varazze, founded in order to give scientific support and boost the know how level of the single brands, developed its first hybrid electrical diesel propulsion. The study of the diesel-electrical propulsion, within the group, started ten years ago with the planning and designing of the M/Y FB231 Ambrosia, launched in 2005, and equipped with the azimuth propulsion. These particularly encouraging results drove the Group to extend its research and the consequent applications onto the smaller boats of the range, choosing however to privilege the displacing yacht segment which, due to the technical characteristics, combines well with this type of propulsion. The pioneer this time is the smallest line of the fleet, the Benetti 85, which, compared to Ambrosia, requires an alternative due to its technical characteristics. Indeed in this case the electrical diesel propulsion is not suggested as a sole solution, but it is placed together with the traditional one in a hybrid system. The primary intention is that of equipping the yacht with an additional and alternative propulsion system compared to the main one which increases the comfort on board as regards to the traditional propulsion. The speed range obtainable with the electrical propulsion varies from 5 to 10 knots, based on the electrical power of the diesel generators available on board. The Hybrid electrical diesel system includes the use of the same components of the traditional propulsion to which we have added electrical motors with permanent magnets and relative "inverters" frequency converters, which, connected to a controlling system, govern the shafting with the main diesel motors being disconnected. The numerous advantages that have been obtained are measurable: reduction in noise, less vibrations on board, and an important percentage in the saving of consumption equal to 40%. A positive environmental impact due to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. The commitment undertaken about ten years ago today has led to the creation of a product that can be applied to the entire Benetti range with the possibility of integrating other innovations that the Group is developing for the future, such as the replacement of one of the two electrical generators with a fuel cell generator in order to increase comfort further and reduce the environmental impact. It is currently possible to temporarily install batteries in order to obtain the same effect as the Fuel Cell yet obviously with considerably reduced endurance. The new hybrid electrical diesel propulsion system which is applied onto the Benetti 85 does not only enable to offer concrete advantages in the direction of a Green Yacht but paves the way towards continuous and future developments.

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