February 1, 2024

Classic Boat Crashes Into Rockingham Jetty

A classic eleven meter flybridge cruiser crashed, and then partly sank into Rockingham Yacht Club Jetty, in Rockingham, Western Australia on the late night of 31 January.  The cause of the accident are not reported but chats on social media are saying the captain collided with the jetty for a couple times, before eventually hitting bottom, and then partly sinking grounding the cruiser in the spot.  The classic flybridge cruiser was still in the same spot, partly sank and tied up to Rockingham Jetty as at ninth February.
The classic boat in this sinking looks to be a Mariner 38 Mk.I as build in the seventies.  Mariner Boats in Australia was founded by Bill Barry-Cotter in 1969 who he will sell in 1978, to then found Riviera in 1980 and then sell again in 2002, to then establish his third boat building brand Maritimo, which today he manages with his sons.

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